Discover Innovative Solutions and Find Potential Suppliers

Strengthening current business connections, forging new ones, sharing information, and acquiring up-to-date insights have all become more business-critical than ever in a fast-changing world. Global health & safety measures and travel restrictions have led us to see our annual community gatherings in a different light. If you would like to feel connected with the Food & Pharma community at this critical time and stay up-to-speed on the latest developments within the Food & Pharma industry… then join us for this 3-day event.

With 250+ food & pharma suppliers from around the world exhibiting in our virtual platform, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about the latest and most innovative products, solutions, and services before anyone else.

Shop the virtual show floor to source the solutions that your business is looking for and to learn about interesting companies out there that could be potential partners for future collaboration!


  • One platform to enhance the rich mix between food and pharma industries.
  • Explore new products and innovative solutions from a wide range of global suppliers.
  • An effective AI matchmaking to connect with peers and discover new suppliers.
  • Learn the latest industry developments, trends, and technologies in the Middle East and Africa through certified CPD technical
  • An easy-to-use tool and free-to-attend event from the comfort of any place via computer & mobile device.