Monday, 8 March 2021

Opening Remarks

11:00        Welcome to FPConnect 2021

                   Mostapha Khalil - Group Exhibition Director, Informa Markets Egypt.

Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement


                   Louis Yaw Afful - Group executive director, African Continental Free                    Trade Agreement Policy Network

12:30        AfCFTA as a cornerstone for Intra-Africa Trade promotion 

                  Sayed Attia - International trade expert

13:00        Women of Africa in the AfCFTA 

                  Joyce Willimas - Managing Attorney at Armooh–Williams, PLLC and                                Chairperson of Women of Africa Network


African Markets Overview & Insights

13:40        Macro-economic trends in Africa before and after COVID-19
                  Sébastien Markley - Statistician, Unit for Africa, Middle East and Europe,                      OECD Development Centre.


14:00        FAPMA’s current initiatives to endorse objectives of the pharmaceutical                   manufacturing sectors associations across Africa

                  Emmanuel Mujuru - Chairperson, “FAPMA” the Federation of African                   Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations

14:30        Opportunities/challenges in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector in                    the East African Region 

                  Nazeem Mohamed - Vice Chair, FAPMA and Past Chair of FEAPM 

15:00        A Post Covid-19 Mindset and Policy Reset in Africa – Ensuring Health                   Security and Self-Sufficiency in the Supply of Quality-Assured Essential                   Medicines 

                  Skhumbuzo Ngozwana - Board Member “SAMED” the South African                                Medical Devices Industry Association 

15:30        Opportunities/challenges in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector in                       the South African Region 

                  Gertrude Mothibe - Chairperson, “SAGMA” the South African Generic                                Medicines Association (Fapma Member) 

International Trade with Africa

16:30        The export potential of Ukraine: A 2-ways trade between Ukraine & Africa 

                  Tetiana Miskova - Director Export Promotion Council of Ukraine 

17:00        Egypt’s packaging industry: How can Africa be served

                  Ahmed Gaber - Chairperson of the Egyptian Chamber of Printing &                                  Packaging industries 

17:30        Improving access to essential medicines in Africa towards UHC from the                       China Perspective 

                  Alicia Chang  -  Senior International Cooperation Manager,CCCMHPIE   

Monday, 8 March 2021

Food Safety / Food Security / Food Fraud

11:30       Food Fraud   

                 Karen Constable - Principle consultant at Food Fraud Advisors (Australia)


12:00        Food Security in times of Covid-19 

                  Atef Idriss -  Chairperson “MEFOSA: Middle East Food Safety Associates                   (Lebanon)

12:30       Food Safety: New measures in production post Covid 19 pandemic

                 Mamdouh Issa - CEO “AHDO” Arab Health & Development Corporation

13:00        SARS-CoV-2 and Risk to Food Safety

                   Lucia Anelich Food - safety expert, consultant and educator in food safety,                    food microbiology & food safety management systems. Director                    at Anelich Consulting.

13:30        AFRICA Opportunities to elevate the food safety culture   

                   Wael Mohamed  - QA Food Safety Expert 

F&B Packaging

14:30        Challenges for the global packaging industry in 2021 

                  Pierre Pienaar - President “WPO” World Packaging organization  

Women in the Food Manufacturing industry in Africa and the Middle East: Challenges, Expertise & Success stories

15:00        The Opportunities and Challenges that face women during this “new                               normal”. 

                   Langa Sibanda-Lloyd  - Founder and Creative Director at House of LANGA  

16:15        Creating an Inclusive AfCFTA, 'The Will'

                  Joyce Williams  - Chairman Women of Africa Network 

                  Emmanuela Opoku - International peace scholar

                  Val Okaru-Bisant - CEO, General Counsel at Afrocosmo Development                                Impact, LLC

17:00        Food Ingredient

                  Alex Heuff - EMEA digital and events sales manager - Fi Global, Informa                          Markets


15:30        ProPak Exhibitions 

                  Fraser Hawkes - Director of ProPak & Plastics, Informa Markets


Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Food Waste & Sustainability

14:00        The importance of Food Sustainability in Africa & the Middle East  

                  Will Cowling - Marketing Manager FMCG Gurus

14:30        Addressing the issue of food Waste in Africa 

                  Mike Hughes  - Head of Research & Insight FMCG Gurus  

15:00        Valorisation of food industries wastes into sustainable food products: a                   case study on dairy and brewing industries 

                   Marc Bou Zidan - Coordinator of the Experimental Field of the School of                    Engineering at Holy Spirit University of Kaslik - USEK  

16:00        A circular economy approach to waste in food systems 

                  Annachiara Scandone  - Industrial Development Expert UNIDO Egypt  

16:30        Food Sustainability  

                  Manal Makki  - Supervisor at MEFOSA Medical laboratory technologist &                        food scientist

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Technology & Digitalization

13:00        Digital transformation in sales, supply chain, and manufacturing 

                   Shereen Mosallam - Symbios Consulting 

13:30        Barriers in Food Production & how to overcome it: Foodservice businesses                   in a post-pandemic world. 

                  Satvik Jaitly - Consultant, Food & Nutrition at Frost & Sullivan 

14:00        Leading with technology for efficient food production 

                  Aarthi Janakirama - Research Manager, TechVision, Frost & Sullivan  

14:30        Risk Analysis & Mathematical Modelling in Food Industry 

                  Thouraya Attia - Food Safety & Public health expert (Tunisia)

15:00        Africa’s urban transformation: A food market revolution?  

                  Thang Nguyen-Quoc - Economist, Unit for Africa, Middle East and Europe,                        OECD Development Centre 

Monday, 8 March 2021

Complying Despite Challenges

12:30        EU Accreditation (challenges, needs and benefits) 

                  Yara Al Mouti  - CEO Agon Academy

13:30        Pricing Dilemma 

                  Miriem Hedibel - Quality Management Specialist at Institut Pasteur &                                Research Assistant Professor at Algiers University  

Crisis Management Strategies

15:00        Business Continuity Plan – A practical Approach for the upcoming crisis

                   Ayat AlKhatib - Compliance section Head at Agon Academy   

16:00        Pharmaceutical Supply Chain response/ resilience during and after the                   COVID-19 

                  Osaro Aigbogun - Strategist, Crisis management enthusiast, and Educator  

16:30        Leadership lessons shifting mindset and rebounding from adversity in a                      crisis

                  Florian Hildebrand, Visionary Tech-Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of                   Qualifyze

17:30        Biotechnology and biosimilars

                  Fernando de Mora, Professor of Pharmacology / Speaker-Consultant on                          biosimilars regulation and market penetration / How to communicate

Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Status Quo

12:30        Dry Granulation in Oral Solid Dosage Processing & SERIALISATION:                                Prioritizing Consumer Safety & Driving Business Value  

                  Parth Chokshi  - Sr. Manager, International Sales, at Kevin Process                                    Technologies Pvt. Ltd; India

                   Ayush Nag - Jr. Manager, International Sales at Kevision Systems Pvt. Ltd;                       India 

13:30        Cost benefit of investment on quality in pharmaceutical manufacturing 

                   Yara Al Mouti - CEO Agon Academy 

14:00        Pharmacovigilance and drug safety/Fraudulent activity 

                  Nidaa Bawaresh - Head of PV Centre at Jordan Food & Drug administration 

The Latest in Guidelines

15:30        The critically needed infrastructure for the pharmaceutical industry 

                   Fatma Taman - Managing Director at Taman & Associates 

16:00        Products registration cycle

                  Rima Nsheiwat - Regional Regulatory and Intelligence Director at The Arab                      Drugstore Company  

16:30        Quality Metrics

                  Yara Al Mouti - CEO Agon Academy 

17:00        Manufacturing of Hazardous Products

                  Andreas flukiger - Occupational Toxicology and Containment for the                                Pharmaceutical Industry consultant & Professor at the Viennese                                        Academy of Occupational Medicine and Prevention.    

17:30        Data Integrity Roadmap 

                  Roberto Bertini - Operations Director Europe & CIS Region – PQE Group                  

18:00        Risk Based Cleaning Validation 

                  Leticia Sanz, Industry science responsible, Azierta

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Gate Into New Markets

11:30        Cost optimization/ time-to-market  

                   Jean-Baptiste Guillaume  - IAC Partners' healthcare practice leader

12:00        Shifting from local distribution strategy to export strategy 

                   Fatma Taman - Managing Director at Taman &Associates

12:30        Development of African Value Chains and Pharmaceuticals 

                   Elisa Saint-Martin  - Policy Analyst, Unit for Africa, Middle East and Europe,                     OECD Development Centre  

13:00      Trends in Low- and Middle-Income countries Health Product                                             Procurement: A case for new markets, new procurement                                                   models and new platforms 

                Panel discussion by DFS Africa

                Moderator: Bankole Eniola, Executive Director, DFS Africa.

                Keynote speech: Mr. Bolaji Oladejo, Director of policy & planning Federal                 ministry of health, Abuja Nigeria.

                Keynote speech: Mr. Joshua Setipa, Managing Director, The United Nations                 Technology Bank.

                Keynote speech: Jessica Jones, Program officer for market dynamics and                 systems innovations at the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.

                Panellist: Olakunle Olaniyi-Edwards, Executive Director
                and Co-Founder at DFS Africa

                Panellist: Dr. Janet Byaruhanga, Senior Programme Officer, Public Health at                    the Africa Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD).

Innovation & Digitalisation

15:00        Market Access in the Covid Era 

                  Nathan Nagel - CEO Middles East Medical Portal 

15:30        Biotechnology and biosimilars 

                  Fernando de Mora - Professor of Pharmacology