Sponsorship Opportunities

FPConnect offers you a wide range of sponsorship opportunities to help you promote your brand to all attendees and gain maximum exposure throughout the three-day virtual event and beyond.

1. Branding Logo Wall

Place your brand in the spotlight and stand out by placing your company logo on our branding logo wall and drive traffic to your website.

*exclusive for max 4 companies 

Price: $600


2. Highlight Video Showreel:

Attract potential customers through displaying your company’s video or products’ showreel on the platform homepage.

*One-minute video to be provided by the sponsor 

Price:  $2,000

3. Profile Recommendation:

Our AI recommendations will endorse your company to relevant buyers and help them bring them closer to you. 

*exclusive for mx 4 companies

Price:  $1,000

4. Running Banner

Generate traffic to your website by having your ad displayed as part of our clickable running ads banner function

*Ad design to be provided by the sponsor

Price:  $300

5. Speaking Opportunity: (non-promotional)

Position yourself and your company as a thought leader and share nonpromotional market insights by speaking at one of our 30-45 minute pre-recorded or live interactive sessions. Recording of the recording of sessions will be made available on our website for a full year. 

*Content subject to the approval of conference producer.

Price:  $2,000

6. Speaking Opportunity: (promotional)

Sponsoring a speaking opportunity at one of FPConnect conference sessions, will allow you to connect with a highly targeted audience to share market knowledge and promote your business/product. The 30-45-minute session will be supported by a dedicated marketing campaign followed by the full list of attendees/interested audience in your session.

Price:  $4,000 per day

7. Conference Session

Associate your brand with industry-leading topics through sponsoring one of our conference sessions, while increasing your visibility through our data-driven content recommendations. 

Price:  $1,000

8. Invite Only Sessions

Connect with highly targeted prospects and gather them in an invite only-focus group session for 45 minutes. This focus group session is a great marketing opportunity for you to test your new business ideas and products that would get you started on the right path. 

Price:  $2,000

9. Company Recommendation

Be listed in the ‘company recommendations email’ that will be sent to our database of 5,000 relevant professionals. This will help endorse your company to relevant buyers and help bring them closer to you. 

 *Exclusive for max. 5 companies

Price:  $3,000

10. Email Campaign

A  sponsored email to our database of +10,000 industry professionals will enable you to reach a wider range of relevant professionals. The email will announce your participation at FPConnect and can include a link to your company or product webpage. 

*Email sent, delivered, and opened rates can be provided to sponsor

Price:  $2,000

11. Company logo on FPConnect landing page

Gain unrivaled exposure through banner ads that will be displayed on the FPConnect landing page. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your brand and message to a wide range of audiences and drive traffic to your website or social media page. 

Price:  $500

12. Banner Ad on FPConnect landing page:

Drive traffic to your website or social media page by displaying a banner ad on the FPConnect landing page where thousands of people will visit to learn about the platform and register to attend. 

Price: $1,000 per month

13. Banner Ad on FPConnect Visitors Registration Page:

Be one of the first messages seen once a visitor registers to attend our virtual event by placing your banner advert on the registration confirmation page. 

Price: $500 per month 

14. Social Media Posts:

Reach our highly engaged social media community by sponsoring two dedicated posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Price: $2,000